How To Repair Torn Earlobe

Although they may not always need medical intervention, it is important to know how to repair torn earlobes. Small tears caused by jewelry, for example, can be safely and effectively cared for at home. However, certain instances may require a trip to the physician. These tips are designed for small tears in which serious trauma has not occurred and should not be attempted if you are unsure whether or not the torn earlobe is serious.

  • Remove debris Removal of debris and/or the object that caused the torn earlobe is necessary and should be done immediately. If not, swelling may prevent future removal of the object.
  • Cleanse The following step in repairing a torn earlobe should be to thoroughly clean the area with a mild soap, (antimicrobial if available), and warm water. This helps to reduce the chance of  infection and allows him to better assess the damage. The affected area should then be blotted or allowed to air dry.
  • Disinfect To repair a torn earlobe properly, it should be disinfected after it has been cleaned and dried. A triple antibiotic ointment or alcohol are both common household items that can be used to disinfect the earlobe.
  • Protect The torn earlobe must be protected to promote and ensure proper healing. This can be done with various products available over the counter and the size and nature of the tear should be taken into consideration when choosing. Butterfly tapes and band aids specifically for skin tears, sprays, and liquid adhesives can be used. Care should be taken to follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Stitch up In certain instances, the torn earlobe may require stitches to fully repair the damage. This particular method for repairing a torn earlobe is performed by qualified medical personnel and should not be attempted at home.
  • Consider surgery In some cases, surgery may be necessary to repair a torn earlobe. This may be especially so for large tears and for those who wish to avoid scarring and possible infection.


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