How To Repair Transmission Fault In jaguar 1998 XJ8

Know how to repair transmission fault in 1998 Jaguar XJ8 by occasionally changing the gearbox oil. It should be green when it comes out, but if there are large bronze deposits, then it is an indicator that the thrust bearings or the sprag is broken. The symptoms usually include the transmission slipping, the gearbox light coming on as well as the light not going into gear.

What you will need:

  • Drip Pan
  • Socket Set
  • Pliers

Repairing a transmission fault is a big job and one which requires lots of patience, attention and time, even if you are very mechanically minded.

  1. With the car jacked up and secured on axle stands, the wheels removed and battery disconnected, you must remove the exhaust system, cross member and gearbox cross member. Then, you can start removing the prop-shaft from the rear differential. Oil will drip out, so remember to fit a clean container underneath the prop-shaft. You will need a partner and a spare jack with chains to hold the gearbox still as it is being lowered.
  2. With the gearbox removed, take it to a clean, dustless area. Break the bell-housing, remove the drive shaft stub and open up the gearbox. In the first gear, you will find many of probably issues with your transmission. For one, there is an 'O' ring seal which perishes and splits; There is also a snap clip which slips off and can get mangled between the gears, causing the selector fork to stop engaging fully.
  3. Replace these parts with new ones for around $400 (if a Jaguar garage performed the job, labor will add to the cost and bring it up to around $7,000). If you were to replace the gearbox with a reconditioned unit, it would set you back around $3,000.
  4. Take great care when re-assembling the gearbox, bell-housing and gearbox cross-member. Refit the exhaust system, prop-shaft and refill the gearbox oil.
  5. You might need to reset the ECU, but as the battery lead would have been disconnected for sometime, this usually gives the desired effect.
  6. Refit the transmission parts which needs to be removed and lower the car to the floor. Check the gear-selecting ability of the car by taking it for a run up hills, accelerating hard to make sure the transmission down-changes correctly.
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