How To Repair A TruSurround By SRS On A Sony 57-Inch HDTV

Need to know how to repair a TruSurround by SRS on a Sony 57 inch HDTV? This guide can also apply to other Sony projection or high definition televisions with TruSurround feature. The common reason people buy TVs with surround sound is to experience television viewing like in movie theatres or concert halls. TruSurround is an audio effect which when turned on, the viewer experience the sound which embraces an entire room thus adds an enjoyable experience to the viewer. Before you start, ensure that your Sony 57-inch HDTV is set to tuner input otherwise you will not be able to adjust the audio settings in the menu.

What you need:

  • Sony 57 inch HDTV

  • TV Remote control

  1. Ensure that the speaker option is turned ON in the audio menu. If turned "ON", the TV speakers will function to produce sound, but when turned "OFF" the TV’s sound will be from your external audio system.

  2. Look for the "TruSurround" effect. This is also located in the audio menu. When selected, stereo programs will have a surround sound effect. For mono programs, select the simulated option to also activate the surround effect. When this is turned "OFF" the stereo or mono receptions are just normal.

  3. If you have a home theater system or a stereo receiver, ensure that the cables are properly connected to the audio output jacks of the TV. Setting the audio out to variable in the audio menu will let you use the TV’s remote control to adjust the volume. On the other hand, setting the audio out to fixed option will let you use the receiver’s remote control to adjust the volume.

  4. If the sound is not balanced or can only be heard from one speaker of the Sony TV, check if the "MTS" feature is in "Stereo"" mode on the audio menu. There’s also a balance feature in the audio menu for the sound to be adjusted.

  5. Also check if the volume is too low or the mute button is turned on. You may also try to turn the steady sound feature for volume level consistency.

  6. Restore factory audio settings. Press the remote control’s reset button while you’re in the audio menu however doing this will just put the treble, bass and balance on default settings but in this way you can better listen to which of the audio settings is not to your liking.


Tips & Warnings:

  • If the issue still exists you may need to contact Sony customer support for further assistance.

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