How To Repair Veneer Corners On Piano

Anyone who has owned a piano knows how beneficial it is to learn how to repair veneer corners on a piano. This repair is not difficult and can be done with minimal do-it-yourself skills. A little time and a few materials are all that is needed to restore your piano's veneer corners.

To repair veneer corners on a piano, you will need:

  • 2 small cloths
  • Water
  • An iron
  • A utility knife
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • A vice or clamp
  • A piano with veneer
  1. To repair your piano's veneer corners, start by warming the old glue. Wet a hand towel and place it on the broken veneer. Apply a warm iron to the towel to produce steam that will loosen the old adhesive. The iron should be on a low setting.
  2. Remove the loosened glue using your fingers to pick away the majority of the mass. Use a utility knife to scrape off any binder remnants while you repair the veneer corners. A clean piano surface is needed to ensure the new adhesive attaches the veneer. Gently remove old glue to avoid damaging the piece.
  3. Sand the area using a slightly coarse paper to smooth the veneer corners of your piano. A smooth area sustains an even application of the veneer that results in an aesthetically pleasing repair.
  4. Spread a generous amount of wood glue on the veneer piece and then attach it to the piano. Apply a vice or clamp to hold the veneer in place while it dries. You are almost done repairing your piano!
  5. Dampen a small cloth to wipe off any excess glue, and after the veneer is securely attached, remove the clamp. Voila! You have successfully repaired the veneer corners on your piano.
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