How To Repair Vintage Destroyed Jeans

Learning how to repair vintage destroyed jeans by following a few simple steps. Repairing vintage destroyed jeans will allow you to wear a pair of funky jeans in style and brag about how good they make you look. Vintage jeans may be a different shape than what you are used to wearing. If you find a pair of vintage jeans from the '60s for instance, they will have huge bell bottoms and a very low waist. They may even have embroidery or other wonderful vintage patches from the era. But that doesn't mean you can't still work with them.

  1. Look over the pair of vintage jeans you just bought to assess their condition. Check out where they are torn and need repair. Destroyed jeans, unlike distressed jeans, will have lots of tears and holes, in this case from wear, because they are vintage jeans. They may also be very thin in spots. These areas will need repair.
  2. If your new pair of vintage jeans are really dirty, wash them by hand in a bathtub of warm soapy water to preserve them. Allow them to soak for an hour or two or however long it takes for them to release any soil. Rinse until the water runs clear. Gently but firmly wring and press out excess water and hang them to dry or dry them flat on a towel.
  3. Decide what areas you want to repair on the destroyed jeans. You may want to leave a few places with wear showing for the sake of fashion or for bragging rights to prove they really are vintage jeans.
  4. In keeping with the fashion and style, either embroider or patch the destroyed vintage jeans. To make a cool patch, find another pair of old jeans or a piece of old denim and cut it to size to fit over the hole being patched. Patches also work well to reinforce thin spots on the butt and knees.
  5. Iron on pre-formed decals or embroider the patch before attaching it to the vintage destroyed jeans. Once the design is affixed to the patch, turn under and press all four sides to protect the edges and keep them from fraying. Sew the patch over the torn spot on the vintage jeans.
  6. Smaller spots of wear and tear can be repaired on vintage jeans by sewing by hand or on a sewing machine. Use heavy colored thread to create an edge or design to compliment the overall look of the vintage jeans.
  7. Double check your sewing. Make sure any repairs to the vintage jeans are fully secure and properly attached so they will last.

Taking the time to repair vintage destroyed jeans will result in your having an updated, stylish pair of jeans that pays tribute to the past. You can find vintage destroyed jeans in thrift shops, vintage stores, army/navy surplus stores and online at places like eBay.

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