How To Repair Water Damage On A Camp Trailer

Knowing how to repair water damage on a camp trailer can save the owner money. Water damage may come from leaks in a roof or tent ends. Sometimes roof items like air conditioners can also let water through if water has found a path as a result of pooling on top of the roof. Some repairs may require a professional or insurance to cover the repair.

To repair water damage on a camp trailer, you need:

  • repair materials appropriate to the items damaged
  • basic hand tools
  1. First, before repairing water damage, repair the leak. If the leak is still in the camper there is no sense in repairing the water damage as it would happen again.
  2. If the counters have been damaged, determine the extent. You may need to replace the whole counter, or just a section. Small sections can be cut out and replaced with plywood and an appropriate covering to match the existing.
  3. Carpet damage may indicate deeper problems. You will have to remove the section of carpet that was damaged to see how the sub-floor looks.  If it's in good condition you may just need to replace the bad section of carpet.
  4. If you had canvas tent ends that were damaged, you can repair those sections. Canvas repair kits are available or you can visit auto upholstery shops and let them fix the repair.

Double check any leak repair with a water hose flowing over the camper to make sure you won't have any future water damage in the camp trailer.

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