How To Repair Wii Nunchuk

Want to learn how to repair your Wii nunchuk? Having your Wii nunchuk go out in the middle of playing can be a real bummer. Your Wii nunchuk can sometime stop working but it may not be anything serious. It could be as simple as resetting the Wii nunchuk. Before wasting your money, try these easy troubleshooting steps to get your Wii nunchuk working again.

  1. Turn on your Wii console. Once the console is on make sure you are using your Wii nunchuk for games that are appropriate for its use only. Using the nunchuk for games that are not compatible with the Wii nunchuk will not get a response and the nunchuk will not work.
  2. Check that Wii nunchuk is properly connected. You want to make sure your Wii nunchuk and your Wii remote control are tightly connected when repairing your Wii nunchuk. Make sure the connection between the two are clean. Dust any dirt or grime that you may see on the controller that may be causing interference.
  3. Change your batteries. Check your power supply to make sure you have adequate power supply. Without the proper power supply, your Wii nunchuk will not work to its full capacity. Use new batteries or fully charged batteries, if they are rechargeable.
  4. Position your Wii nunchuk control stick.  Keeping the control stick in the neutral position is the best position. Moving the control stick around can cause the game to operate incorrectly when turning the Wii console on or moving between Wii channels.
  5. Reset the Wii nunchuk. Push button A,B, plus and minus signs on the remote simultaneously while in the control position. You want to hold these buttons for minimum of three seconds. This should fix your problem with your control stick.
  6. Recalibrate your Wii nunchuk. Recalibrating your Wii nunckuk can resolve problems such as delay in character movement or erratic character movement. Unplug the Wii nunchuk from the Wii remote control while in the neutral position. Leave it unplugged for about three seconds before reconnecting. These steps should aid in repairing your Wii nunchuk.



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