How To Replace 1995 Ford Escort Ignition Switch

It may be time to learn how to replace 1995 Ford Escort Ignition Switch. With Ford Escorts being over 15 years years now, the repeated use of the ignition switch key can cause it to break or wear out inside the barrel. If your ignition switch on your 1995 Ford Escort is seized or is failing to work, then you need to replace it.


  • 1/8 pin punch
  • Flat and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Electric drill and drill bits
  • Rivet gun and rivets
  • Socket set and extension bar



  1. With the car secured using the handbrake and/or park enabled, lift the hood and remove the negative battery cable.
  2. Enter the car and lay out the tools which are needed on the driver's side floor. If the car is fitted with an airbag, remove the air bag fuse to disable it.
  3. Remove the steering wheel with the long extension and socket set. Then, you can disable the wiring which goes to the horn button.
  4. Remove the plastic steering column cowling to allow better access once the column is free.
  5. You will notice there are three small screws which hold the malfunction switch in place. Remove them and keep them safe.
  6. Remove the four large steering column bolts to enable the column to be lowered.
  7. There are two rivets/bolts which need to be pressed out, or grind the tops off to make it loose from the supports. You can drill them out, although grinding is a better option.
  8. Now you have access to the ignition switch cylinder. Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the number two position. Using the punch pin, drive the small pin inwards and this will release the cylinder lock.
  9. Refit the new cylinder lock and use a rivet gun to refit the cylinder to the steering column.
  10. Refit the column, the wiring harnesses (if you needed to disconnect them) and the plastic steering column cowling.
  11. Refit the malfunction switch, the horn wiring and the steering wheel. Refit the air bag fuse and connect the battery lead back up.
  12. Remember, you will have a different key for the ignition to the door locks. If you access the door locks from the donor car, then you can replace those, too, so you only have one key again.
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