How To Replace 1998 Ford Escort Rear Strut

How To Replace 1998 Ford Escort Rear Strut. If you have found your rear suspension loose or bouncy, your 1998 Ford Escort rear strut can be swapped out. Over time, rear suspension can fail from the rubber seals perishing and this allows the oil to leak out. It is a straightforward procedure to replace a rear strut on a 1998 Ford Escort, although it is good practice to spray some penetrating fluid on the bolts the day before you are due to replace it, as this will help the removal easier.


  • Socket set and wrench
  • Closed end spanners
  • Service jack
  • Axle stands
  • Penetrating fluid


  1. With the rear strut bolts thoroughly doused in penetrating fluid, you can set to work. Open the trunk and remove the plastics which are located inbound of the rear wheels.
  2. This will allow you to see the top of the strut mount. Remove the upper strut piece and the nuts which are attached. Do not remove the central nut, only the three which circulate the top of the strut.
  3. Undo the rear wheel lug nuts. Jack up the car and secure on axle stands. Remove the rear wheel.
  4. From the wheel well, unhook the brake hose clip and zip tie the brake hose out of the way.
  5. If your Ford Escort has ABS, remove the ABS bracket from the strut. Remove the lower strut bolts and the lower spring assembly. Now you can take the strut unit out of the vehicle.
  6. To replace the strut, slide it inwards from the wheel well and up through the strut top hole. Lightly tighten the retaining bolts and affix the lower strut bolts.
  7. Refit the ABS and the brake line brackets. Tighten the top strut nuts and refit the trunk interior plastics.

Always replace both rear struts at the same time (or both front). If one has failed, the other is likely to fail, so it is good practice having both struts the same age.

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