How To Replace 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL Alternator

There are times when you consider learning how to replace 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GL alternator. If you find that they start to become dim when driving with your headlights on or that your battery keeps on discharging even after a long drive, you need to change your alternator as the voltage regulator is not performing as it should be. As there are many different engine types for the 2001 VW Jetta, make sure you pick the right one for your application.


  • New VW Jetta alternator
  • Socket set and socket wrench
  • Spanner 14mm
  • New drive belt if needed



  1. As with all mechanical repairs, it is best to remove the negative battery cable to ensure there is no electrical current which could cause injury. Make sure the handbrake is on and/or park is selected if it is an automatic.
  2. Locate the alternator and remove the wiring plug and harness. Remove any other wiring and label it to ensure you know where to fit them to when you replace the alternator.
  3. Locate the drive belt which circulates along the same path as the alternator belt. Loosen the adjustment slider using a socket wrench and release the tension. Slide the alternator towards the engine so that the belt can be slipped off.
  4. Carry on removing the bolts, you will need to have a socket or spanner on the other side of the bolt to stop it turning. Remove the bolts and the alternator will slide out. Be careful as it will be quite heavy.
  5. Match up the old and new alternators so you know exactly where the wiring will go. Use the new adjustment bolts if there are new ones in the kit.
  6. Fit the alternator and tighten up the bolts so that it takes the weight of the alternator. Slip over the drive belt unless it is worn, in which case you replace it with a new one.
  7. Adjust the tension of the belt so there is around one to two mm deflection. Tighten up the bolts, then connect the wiring plug harness and other wiring to the new alternator. Refit the negative battery lead and start the engine. If there is a screeching noise, the belt is either too tight or too loose. Run it for around five minutes and adjust if necessary. Take the car for a twenty minute drive to charge up the battery and bed the new belt in (if one was fitted).
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