How To Replace AC Compressor Cycling Switch On 1995 Sonoma

If you want to know how to replace an AC compressor cycling switch on a 1995 Sonoma, then welcome to this helpful guide. If you own this car, it means that you really love the style of this manufacturer. It’s completely normal to change used parts in an older ride and a cycling switch is a common example of this. 

To replace an AC compressor cycling switch on a 1995 Sonoma, you will need:

  • New cycling switch
  • Service manual
  • Power wrench
  • Schrader valve
  • Wrench
  • Refrigerant oil
  • A bright place 
  1. Information about the 1995 Sonoma. For a general overview of troubleshooting with Sonoma cars, check for recall alerts. If you purchase a used 1995 model or if you already own one, be aware that this car already has several recalls on its record. These recalls concerned the visibility windshield wiper and washer, tank assembly pressure relief device, service brakes hydraulic antilock, gasoline fuel system, and seatbelts. It’s important to know about these recalls as a safety measure and to also make sure that replacing the cycling switch for a new one won’t end up in a car accident later on.
  2. Information about the AC Compressor. Do you wonder how you stay cool in your Sonoma on a really hot summer day? It’s thanks to the air conditioning system installed in Sonoma cars. The air conditioning is designed to cool down the cabin. As it’s constantly working against the heat, you should regularly check it. If you’re thinking about replacing the cycling switch, you need to invest in a good one that’s specially made for this model. Don’t ever try to install an incompatible cycling switch inside your 1995 Sonoma because the compressor needs the right cycling switch so that it can properly control the evaporator temperature.
  3. Replace the cycling switch. It’s time to get under the hood to change this particular part. The cycling switch is easy to find and replace so you won’t sweat for this process. You don’t have to completely remove the compressor either. That will save you a lot of work too. First of all, work with the car with its power off. The cycling switch is located on top of the accumulator. Just unscrew it. Insert and screw in the new switch and add some refrigerant oil. Make sure the switch isn’t loose. Afterwards, turn on the Sonoma and test the air conditioning. It should work properly again. If something went wrong with the replacement, check if the wiring on the connector is bent down. If so, just re-pin it.
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