How To Replace Air Filter In Travel Trailer

New owners should know how to replace an air filter in a travel trailer. Most travel trailers have an air conditioning system, and part of that system is a filter. The filter traps particles like pet hair and other material that float around in the air. This prevents a clog up in the cooling fins, which the warm air flows over to be cooled.

To replace an air filter in a travel trailer, you need:

  • replacement filter
  1. Find the air conditioner in the camper. Most systems are ceiling mounted. There may be two units on larger campers like 5th wheels.
  2. The filter panel should be accessible from the bottom of the air conditioning unit, near the controls. Look for protruding tabs around a plastic grill.
  3. Gently press the tabs in and the grill should swing down. Be careful as you press so you don't break the tabs.
  4. The air filter is usually a black or gray foam type material in the shape of a square. It might slide into rails on the removed grill or it may just lay on the grill.
  5. Replace the air filter with the new one if the old one can't be washed out with plain water. The filters are somewhat delicate so be careful with it.
  6. Put the grill back in place. Remember to gently insert the grill and watch for the tabs.

Test the air conditioner after the filter is re-installed. Look in your owner's manual for more specifications, or find the manual online at the travel trailer manufacturer's website.


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