How To Replace The Antenna On A Nokia 5300

Learn how to replace the antenna on a Nokia 5300 is as easy as following these simple steps. If you have a Nokia 5300 and it is not receiving signal or receiving really weak signal, then chances are that the antenna on the Nokia 5300 is broken. While buying a new phone can cost you quite a bit, especially if you do not want to sign a long term contract, but replacing the antenna on your Nokia 5300 is cheaper than you think. This step by step instruction will teach your how to replace the antenna on a Nokia 5300.

  1. Figure out if Antenna is truly the problem. There is no reason to spend all that time and money and only realized that antenna is actually fine. You should do some simple testing, such as check for signal strength at multiple places and make sure the OS is operating correctly.
  2. Buy the antenna online. Most retail electronic stores will not carry a specific part to a phone. Therefore, you will have to find specialty stores online in order to buy it. If you want a cheaper one, you can always check on Ebay as well. You just have to make sure that the antenna you buy is compatible with Nokia 5300.
  3. Replace the Antenna. The antenna itself is very easy to spot. Just open the back of the phone, remove the battery, and you will be able to see the black antenna at the back of your Nokia 5300. Use a screw driver to remove the antenna carefully, make sure you do not touch other parts of the phone.
  4. Power your Nokia 5300 back on. Now, you need to test whether this antenna is working or not. It is very easy. Just check to see if you have any signals. If you do not, change to a clear and open area and test it again.

Tip: While it is important to buy the original manufacturing parts, but some third party parts maybe cheaper.

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