How to Replace Audi Key Battery

You want to know how to replace an Audi key battery. A dead battery in your automatic car opener can be a real pain. A new Audi key can run you a couple hundred bucks. Changing the key battery for your Audi is easy to do. You can do the job yourself and save time and money.

To replace an Audi key battery, you will need:

  • New battery or batteries
  • Thin straight head screwdriver or thin butter knife
  • Nimble fingers and mind
  1. Drive to your Audi dealership and buy a new battery for your Audi key. You could also find the battery online, but will have to wait to it comes to you in the mail. Drive home and pull into your driveway. Walk into yourself and find a comfortable chair.
  2. Take a very thin screwdriver or butter knife and carefully pry the Audi key open. You will see an edge by the identification numbers on your Audi key. Make sure you pry it open carefully because you do not want to break your Audi key. A new Audi key can cost you a couple hundred dollars. Keep this in mind when you are carefully replacing your Audi key batteries.
  3. Remove the lid on the piece opposite of the (open/shut) button. You can do this with the knife or even your fingernail. The battery is under the lid. Take the old battery (or batteries) out and replace them with new batteries. Be careful not to touch the computer chip. You do not want to damage the computer chip in your Audi key. Put the batteries in exactly how you took the old batteries out. Your Audi key will only work if you change the batteries correctly.
  4. Carefully replace the lid on the inside of your Audi key. Carefully put your Audi key back together. Make sure you put it back together correctly. Test the Audi key on your car. If you followed instructions and replaced the batteries correctly, your Audi key will work perfectly.
  5. Dispose of the old batteries properly.
  6. Drive your Audi normally. You have saved yourself some money. You did the job yourself and did not have to buy a new Audi key.



  • Be careful when you change the batteries. You do not want to break your Audi key
  • Put the new batteries in the same way you took the old batteries out
  • Dispose of the old batteries properly
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