How to Replace BMW Hood Emblem

Bought an older BMW that needs the emblem replace or just need to know how to replace the BMW hood emblem? Then this is the how to guide for you. Before we get started on teaching you how to replace a BMW hood emblem make sure you have these materials and please print this guide out.

Materials Needed:

  • Hood emblem
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Windex
  • Hand Towel
  • Pliers
  1. Now that you have those materials print this guide on how to replace a BMW hood emblem out and head over to your BMW. Open the hood and unscrew the emblem. After you have done that close the hood. Now use the flat-head screwdriver to pry off the old emblem. Be careful you do not want to scratch the paint it defeats the purpose of replacing a faded BMW emblem. 
  2. Now that the hood emblem is off. Spray Windex on surface and use a hand towel to dry it. This will clean the surface and allow the new BMW emblem to be mount easier.
  3. Now take the rubber grommet attachments and attach them to the BMW emblem. If you bought an after market emblem that does not come with the rubber grommet attachments do not worry just use the old grommet. Now attach the rubber grommet to the emblem.
  4. Open the hood of your BMW. Now align the BMW emblem with the holes and carefully screw the emblem back on. Congratulations you have now replaced your BMW emblem. Have fun finishing that restoration project and enjoy driving the ultimate driving machine.
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