How To Replace Boat Hull Parts

Need to know how to replace boat hull parts? It's nearly impossible to give a tutorial on how to replace all kinds of boat hull parts for all types of boats, so instead we will focus here on some general guidelines for replacing the parts of your boat hull. Follow these guidelines and you'll be on your way to replacing the worn out or broken parts of your boat hull in no time at all!

To replace boat hull parts, you will need:

  • The appropriate tools (wrenches, hammers, nails, etc.)
  • Replacement parts for your boat's hull (whichever ones that need replacing; knees, thwarts, stringers, etc.)
  • Knowledge of basic boat terminology
  • Instruction manuals (if needed)
  1. Find out which parts need to be replaced. This is a relatively important step. You can't replace all the boat hull's parts, unless you need to, because that would be a ridiculous amount of money spent. Take your time and find out which boat hull parts need replacing before beginning. Once you have a good idea of what parts to replace, move on to step two.
  2. Find replacement parts. You now need to find some replacement parts for your boat hull. You can easily do this by looking around online. Try to find some suitable replacement parts that will fit your boat hull. Don't get all excited about certain boat hull parts because you'll most likely overlook a few things and later find out that the parts don't work. Also, try not to look for cheap replacement parts either, as these will probably break easier, causing you to need more replacement parts. Take your time and find some good replacement parts, and for a good price as well. Also, don't forget to look for parts of the correct size.
  3. Install the boat hull parts. First, you'll need to take out the parts that need to be replaced. Once you have done this, install the new parts. The parts that you ordered most likely will come with an instruction manual for installation. Make sure that you carefully read through the instruction manuals before proceeding to install the parts. Make sure that you understand every term that they use. Also, be extremely careful not to damage your new parts, because the boat hull is basically the outer shell of the boat. If it gets damaged, then you'll have plenty of other problems on your hands. Below, we're going to give you a few instructions on replacing a few specific parts of the hull. If you follow the general idea of the examples below, you should be able to replace all the other parts if you need to.
  4. Replacing the knees. If you need to replace the knees of your boat hull, then follow these directions. First, you'll need to remove the nails or screws from the knee. Then, carefully pull the knee out of its place. If it is difficult to pull the knee out, you could try using a crowbar. Wedge it in between the stringer and the knee and push down on the crowbar. The knee should pop out. You should now see that there is a slot in the stringer for the knee. Clean the slot if it is dirty. This could be why you may have had some trouble removing the knee. Now, place the replacement knee into the slot in the stringer. Nail it back into place, or use a screwdriver if appropriate.
  5. Replacing the thwart. First, remove the knees as per the instructions above. Then, unscrew or remove the nails that are connecting the thwart to the stringers. Once you have done that, the thwart should be pretty easy to take off. In fact, if you're not holding onto it from the body when you remove the screws or nails, it should fall down. Now, put your replacement thwart into position. Nail the new thwart into place, or use a screwdriver if needed.
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