How To Replace Brake Pads On A 1999 Land Rover

If you can learn how to replace the brake pads on a 1999 Land Rover, you can perform your own brake maintenance. Learning how to perform your own vehicle maintenance can save you money. You can also make some money by changing brake pads for your friends and family who also own 1999 Land Rovers.

To replace the brake pads on a 1999 Land Rover, you will need:

  • New brake pads (you can purchase these from your dealer or buy generic brake pads from a brick and mortar store)
  • A vehicle lift (if you do not have access to a hydraulic lift, you can also just use the jack provided in your vehicle)
  1. Verify that your 1999 Land Rover brake pads need replacement. Your used brake pads will usually make a scraping noise when they are in need of replacement. This is from the brake pad wear indicator scraping your Land Rover brake pad.
  2. Raise your vehicle. If you have a lift, you can raise the entire vehicle for easy access. You can also use your Land Rover supplied jack to perform a pad change one wheel at a time. If you are using a jack, be sure to place blocks on the opposite wheels. This will keep the vehicle from accidentally moving while you replace the brake pads.
  3. Remove your wheel. You will need to remove the wheel in order to access the brake pads on your 1999 Land Rover. If your wheel has a security lock nut, you will need the security bolt tool. You can find this in the glove box of your vehicle.
  4. Remove the caliper. Remove the bolts from the back of your caliper. You will now have access to the front and rear brake pads.
  5. Remove the pads. The brake pads can be removed from the caliper. The front pad may be held in place by a retaining clip. When you are performing this procedure, be sure to support the caliper. Support the caliper to remove any unnecessary strain from the brake lines.
  6. Reinstall the caliper. Once the pads have been replaced, you can now reinstall the caliper. After you reinstall the caliper, you will need to repeat the procedure on the other brakes on your 1999 Land Rover.
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