How To Replace Bridge On Guitar

Need to know how to replace the bridge on a guitar? There are many modifications that can be made to a guitar. One of the more popular queries is how to change a bridge on a guitar. This is a relatively simple task that can produce drastic sound changes to your guitar. These changes will be good if the replacement is done right, and bad if it is done incorrectly!

To replace the bridge on a guitar, you will need:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A new bridge with new screws
  1. To replace the bridge, start by removing the strings from the guitar. This is essential for having access to the screws on the bridge, and the strings will be useless after bridge removal.
  2. Start by taking your Phillips head screwdriver and removing all of the screws in the current bridge. There are at least six different screws, sometimes more. There should be one screw for tightening down each saddle on the bridge. Make sure to keep the screws in a safe place so you can keep them with the old bridge for future endeavors.
  3. Gently remove the bridge from the guitar body. Be gentle because the guitar bridge has probably set into the wood, and forcing it could possibly damage the wood.
  4. Make any pre-planned modifications to the bridge socket before replacement. This includes setting it up for a tremolo system if your guitar did not already have one. This is also the time to clean the socket of any debris or dust that may have accumulated over time, or drilling holes for the new bridge if necessary.
  5. Screw your new bridge into either the original holes or the new ones that you just created. Make sure to use the screws that were originally meant for the bridge, because using the wrong screws could possibly damage the bridge and waste all of this effort!
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