How To Replace Broken Glass Screen On iPhone 2G

Wondering how to replace broken glass screen on iPhone 2G? If you dented, cracked or broke the glass screen to your iPhone 2G you don't need to panic. You have the option of sending it back to the manufacturer or saving money by doing it yourself. Following the steps will safely replace the broken glass screen in a matter of minutes. 

The items you will need:

  • Case opener
  • A new glass screen (digitizer)
  • Flat head screwdriver
  1. Turn off your iPhone 2G. Slide the case opener closest to the broken glass screen and go around all sides of the iPhone 2G. The sides of your broken glass screen will loosen up, making it easy to carefully lift it up with your fingers.  
  2. Carefully lift the broken glass screen to the side. There is a ribbon cable that connects the broken glass screen to the circuit board. Use a flat head screwdriver to open the tab that keeps the ribbon in place. You want to carefully do this so you won't damage the circuit board. The broken glass can now be thrown away because you don't need it at this point. 
  3. Take the new glass screen and attach it to the frame. Align them both together; the adhesive will keep them from falling apart. 
  4. Take your flat head screwdriver and place it on top of the ribbon cable. You will have to carefully curve up the ribbon cable to a 90 degree using your fingers. 
  5. Maneuver the ribbon cable inside the circuit board. Use the case opener or the flat head screwdriver to attach the ribbon cable to the circuit board. Once the ribbon is attached, snap back the glass screen to the iPhone 2G and turn it on.  

Tip: Make sure to not touch the LCD screen or the inside of the glass screen. It easily smudges making the image of your iPhone 2G appear blurry. Use a micro fiber cloth to get rid of any oil left from your hands on both screens. 

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