How To Replace Bulb Vizio LCD

Learning how to replace a bulb on a Vizio LCD television can be a big task but if your dedicated to fixing your TV then there should be no reason that you can't replace the bulb. With the right bulb and tools you will be ready to watch that beautiful TV again.  The most important thing to remember is that you have the right TV and that you also have the right bulb.

Supplies needed:

  • the bulb
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • flat head screwdriver
  • a pair of pliers
  1. Locate the place where the bulb will be going into. Usually located on the back of the TV. 
  2. Using the flathead screwdriver remove the backing so that you have access to the enclosed area. 
  3. Remove the enclosure from the TV.
  4. With the bulb removed from the enclosure examine the bulb to make sure that it is what is causing the problem.
  5. Use the pliers to remove the nut that holds the wires that are connected to the bulb from the top of the bulb terminal. 
  6. Use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw from the side of the bulb. 
  7. Once you have removed the lamp you should be able to see the clips that are holding the housing in place. Use the pliers to remove the clamps from the light. 
  8. Carefully tuck down the wire down and around the plastic. Repeat the same thing on the other side of the bulb. 
  9. The lamp that is being removed handle it carefully with a clean cloth or material. 
  10. Now that the bulb is out you can go ahead and reconnect the bulb to the housing.  When you put it back in the housing make sure that the clamps are over the bulb. 
  11. Reattach the terminals and the wire that is connected to the bulb and prepare to reinsert the housing back into the TV
  12. When you are tightening the screw on the terminal of the bulb, do it with your hand so that you don't apply to much pressure to the terminal. 
  13. Once all that is done place the bulb back into the TV and screw the back of the television back on. 

Once this is all done your TV should be ready to go,  So go and enjoy those countless hours of clear and breathtaking television. 

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