How To Replace Cabin Filter On 2008 Honda Accord

Learn how to replace the cabin filter on your 2008 Honda Accord and prevent having to pay a professional to do so. The Accord's cabin filter is a normal maintenance item. You should replace it at least once every 20,000 miles. This keeps the air you breathe clean and fresh.

To replace the cabin filter on a 2008 Honda Accord, you will need:

  • Replacement cabin filter
  1. Prepare for the process. Make sure your air conditioning control is turned to "Off" and open your Accord's glove box door. Empty the glove box compartment and place the items in a secure location until the procedure is complete.
  2. Lower the glove box. Grasp the black pins on each side of the glove box door. Push the pins inward simultaneously. This releases the glove box from its clamp. Push the glove box down toward the floorboard.
  3. Remove the filter. Pull out the filter frame containing the replaceable cabin filter. The frame is easily visible once you have the glove box lowered. Pull the old filter out of the frame.
  4. Install the new filter. Insert the replacement cabin filter into the frame. Re-insert the frame into its slot. Push it until it snaps; this lets you know it's secure.
  5. Raise the glove box. Lift the glove box door back to its original position. Push the black pins inward to attach them to the clamps. Close the glove box door to make sure the clamps are hooked. Open the door again and re-insert the items you removed.


  • Replace the filter at 10,000 mile intervals if you drive or store your Accord in dusty areas.
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