How To Replace Camp Stove Fuel

You want to know how to replace camp stove fuel. There are a few popular types of fuel used in camp stoves. Propane, gasoline, and kerosene are the most widely used fuels. How you replace your camp stove fuel depends on the type of fuel you use in your camp stove.

  1. How to replace your kerosene camp stove fuel. Kerosene is a dirty fuel. This means it burns dirty and takes more to clean it up. Kerosene has been used in heaters and camp stoves for years. You may have a camp stove with this type of fuel. You can buy kerosene fuel at your local camping store. You simply pour the kerosene into the kerosene camp stove and you are ready to go. It is smart to use a funnel because you do not want to cause a forest fire.
  2. How to replace your gasoline camp stove fuel. Gasoline is readily available everywhere. You need to buy a gasoline can. Go to the gas station and fill your gas can up with gas. Take a funnel and pour gas into your gas camp stove. Make sure you do not spill the gas on the ground. You do not want to start a forest fire. After you filled the gas, your gasoline camp stove is good to go.
  3. How to replace your propane camp stove fuel. Propane is safer than both kerosene and gasoline. It is pretty simple to change. You have two types of propane canisters used with a propane camp stove. You have the throw away one pound canister. These canisters can be refilled, but it is more work than the larger cylinders. These are simple, but become expensive fast. This one pound canister can be bought at your sporting goods or camping stores. You simply disconnect the canister from your camp stove by pushing down and turning the connection counter clockwise. You replace the canister by pushing down and turning the connection clockwise.
  4. The larger propane canister is a little different. Some larger propane camp stoves have the larger propane canisters. You shut off the valve to the canister. You push down and turn the connection counter clockwise. You go to a refilling station and have them refill the propane canister for you. You go back to the camp stove and replace the larger propane canister. You do this by pushing down and turning the connection clockwise. You open the valve to send propane to your camp stove.
  5. These are the most popular fuels for camp stoves. Replacing your camp stove fuel is easy, but differs with the type of fuel you used. Canister fuel (propane) is safer and cheaper than gasoline or kerosene. Although the one pound cans can cost you a small fortune. Make sure you wear work gloves and use a funnel to change gasoline and kerosene. Be aware that gasoline and kerosene is more dangerous and dirties the environment. Enjoy your camping and be safe.


  • Do not spill gasoline or kerosene-use a funnel
  • Be aware of the different kinds of fuels when you buy your camp stove
  • Buy green-save the environment
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