How To Replace Catalytic Converter On Honda Accord

Your catalytic converter needs to be changed and you want to know how to replace the catalytic converter on Honda Accord. The catalytic converter filters impurities and toxins out of the exhaust system and when working properly it will enhance your cars' performance. If the catalytic converter is clogged it can be filled with extreme pressure and may not function properly. Overtime you can eventually have exhaust leaks. It does takes a little time to replace a catalytic converter on a Honda Accord but it can be done when you follow a few simple steps.

To replace a catalytic converter on a Honda Accord you need:

  • new catalytic converter
  • jack and jack stand
  • adjustable wrench
  • socket set
  • penetrating oil
  1. Lift your car up with a jack. Place the jack under your car to lift it up enough for you to comfortably fit under. Use a jack stand to help support the weight of the car.
  2. Remove the bolts. Lubricate the bolts with some penetrating oil. This will loosen them up some to make them easier to remove. Use a wrench or a socket to remove the bolts from the catalytic converter on your Honda Accord.
  3. Remove the catalytic converter. Carefully wiggle the catalytic convert a little to get it loose from the pipes then pull it out of your Honda Accord.
  4. Install the new catalytic converter. Align the catalytic converter into position between the head pipe and the exhaust. Once it is aligned carefully push the pipe in the catalytic converter. Install and tighten all the bolts back into place. Remove the jack and the jack stand and lower your Honda Accord.



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