How To Replace Clock Light Bulb on 2001 Honda Accord

Learn how to replace clock light bulb on 2001 Honda Accord. Like all bulbs, the backlit clock bulb can burn out eventually on your 2001 Honda Accord. This can prevent you from being able to see the clock at night. You can buy a replacement bulb and replace the clock light bulb in your 2001 Honda Accord by following these steps.

To replace the clock light bulb on 2001 Honda Accord, you will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement bulb
  1. Remove the clock assembly in the 2001 Honda accord. Pry the clock assembly off by wedging a flathead screwdriver into the edge and prying off the cover. Work your way around until it comes off.
  2. Remove the old bulb by pulling it out of the socket. Dispose of the bulb.
  3. Replace the bulb with an equivalent bulb. Simply push the bulb into the slot. Be sure to take the bulb with you when you purchase a new bulb so you get the exact bulb. Purchase a bulb with the same voltage. Although a bulb with different voltage may work, it can burn out more quickly.
  4. Replace the clock assembly. Line up the clock assembly over the bulb and press firmly on both edges to attach it back to the 2001 Honda Accord dash.


  • Place masking tape on the edges of the dash around the clock assembly to protect your dash while you are removing the assembly with the screwdriver. Remove the masking tape when you are finished replacing the clock light bulb on your 2001 Honda Accord.
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