How To Replace A Clutch In A Yamaha Motorcycle

Learning how to replace a clutch in a Yamaha motorcycle will not only save you money, but prove to be a fun learning experience. Replacing a clutch in a Yamaha motorcycle is not a particularly easy process however it can be done without professional help. The key to replacing a clutch in a Yamaha motorcycle is to work patiently and with the proper tools. Remember not rush the process and treat your Yamaha motorcycle with care.

What's required:

  • Replacement friction plates (eight)
  • Replacement oil
  • Replacement oil filter
  • Replacement clutch over gasket
  • Socket set
  1. Prepare your workspace. Lay down a towel or old newspaper under your Yamaha Motorcycle. Clear any objects that might prevent you from having a free workspace on the sides of your Yamaha motorcycle.
  2. Remove the fairings. Remove the lower and right side fairings with the socket tool. Place them out-of-the-way.
  3. Drain the oil. Drain the oil on your Yamaha Motorcycle. This process may vary based on the model of your Yamaha Motorcycle, consult the owner's manual for more details.
  4. Loosen the clutch cable. Locate the bolt that holds the clutch cable in place and loosen it.
  5. Remove the clutch cable. Pull the clutch cable back from its holder and away from the arm completely. Remove the idle adjuster as well.
  6. Remove the clutch cover. Remove the clutch cover on your Yamaha Motorcycle as you would remove a tire. Start with the top bolt, then remove the bottom, then go back to the next one on the top side and repeat, removing all of the bolts in this pattern. Remove the clutch cover once all the bolts have been removed. Place leverage under the clutch cover with a wrench or your hand if it does not come loose. Do not place the clutch cover on your garage or driveway as it will be very dirty.
  7. Remove the bolts on the clutch cover plate. Remove the bolts that are now exposed on the clutch cover plate. Remove these in a similar fashion to the bolts in step six.
  8. Remove the friction and pressure plates. Remove these by pulling them out from the clutch basket. Make note of the one plate which looks thicker than the rest, this should be set aside as it will be the first to be placed back in when re-assembling your Yamaha Motorcycle.
  9. Replace the friction and pressure plates. Start with the thicker pressure plate that you set aside prior. Next place a new friction plate, followed by a pressure plate. Repeat this process until all the pressure plates and friction plates are restore. The last plate should be a friction plate.
  10. Replace the clutch cover. Replace the clutch cover and assembly just as you removed it.
  11. Replace clutch over gasket and lever. Replace the clutch over gasket with the new one and the clutch lever.
  12. Adjust clutch lever. Adjust the clutch level until it is comfortable. If you are unsure how to adjust the clutch lever on your Yamaha Motorcycle consult the manual for specifics on your Yamaha Motorcycle model.
  13. Replace the fairings. Replace the fairings which were removed from your Yamaha Motorcycle.
  14. Replace oil and filter. Replace the oil and oil filter in your Yamaha Motorcycle.

Additional Information:

  • If you experience "dead clutch lever" you need to check the clutch lever arm, it may be mounted poorly.
  • Most Yamaha Motorcycles used about four quarts of oil.
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