How To Replace Fog Light Bulb 2003 In Pontiac Montana

You want to know how to replace the fog light bulb on your 2003 Pontiac Montana van. The light bulb blew out and you would like to change the fog light bulb yourself. Good news for you, the fog light bulb on your 2003 Pontiac Montana is easy to change.

Things You will Need:

  • Wrench
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • New fog light bulbs
  • Leather work gloves
  • flashlight
  1. Drive your car to the auto parts store and buy new fog light bulbs for your 2003 Pontiac Montana. Drive your vehicle home, park it in the driveway, and shut it off. Let your engine cool down. You do not want to work on your vehicle when it is still hot.
  2. Open the hood of your van and secure it with the safety arm. Walk over to the battery and disconnect the negative battery cable with your wrench. Set the negative cable aside away from the battery. It is a good idea to wear your work gloves while you are removing the negative battery cable from your 2003 Pontiac Montana van.
  3. Lie underneath the front of your 2003 Pontiac Montana van where you can access one of the fog lights inside of your bumper. You may need to use a flashlight to find the screws. Find the screws and remove them with a Philips screwdriver. You will remove the screws so you can access the fog light through the liner.
  4. Take your hand, put it into the back of the fog light and grab hold of the fog light bulb. Turn the bulb counter-clockwise and pull it out of the fog light. Take a new bulb and replace it into the fog lamp.
  5. Do the same process with the other side of your car. It is a good idea to change the fog light bulbs (in your 2003 Pontiac Montana) at the same time. This will give you two new fog lights in your vehicle.
  6. Put the battery cable back on the battery. Tighten it enough to give your van power. Turn the lights on and make sure the fog lights work. Take the negative cable back off your car. Take your Philips screwdriver and put the back on to both fog lights. Tighten up the screws. Put the negative cable back on the battery and tighten it down.
  7. Put the hood back down on your 2003 Pontiac Montana. Test the fog lights one more time. Throw away the old bulbs and drive your 2003 Pontiac Montana van normally.


  • It is good to have a flashlight handy when working in dark places on your vehicle
  • Wear leather work gloves when working on your car
  • Always take the negative off your battery so you do not get shocked
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