How To Replace The Front Door Speakers In GMC Truck

Learning how to replace the front door factory speakers in a GMC truck can help you get a better sound quality. GMC pickup are extremely popular in America and they've been a very common choice for drivers, especially those looking for comfort as well as great performance. Most of the GMC pickups have a sound system pre-installed from the factory itself. If you are and avid listener of music, looking to upgrade the audio system of your pickup, installing front door speakers will give a better audio output along with enhanced sound quality.

To replace the front door speakers you will need:

  • Panel tool
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Extension, ratchet  and 7mm Socket
  • Drill and 1/8 inch bit
  1. Use the panel tool to pry open the triangle shaped sail panel located on the front edge of the window and door.
  2. Hold the door lock button and pry open the panel. Open door lock switch system and power window and. Unplug all the electrical wires that are connected to the panel. This will expose the 7mm screw.
  3. Take out this 7mm screw exposed due to removal of panel.
  4. Open the border that surrounds the door release latch.Remove the 7mm screw now exposed.
  5. Take out the 7mm screw located under the center portion of door panel using the screwdriver. Pull off the door panel with an upward motion. The door will now come off.
  6. Push the clip located on top of the GMC speaker bracket of the factory sound system. This will release the speaker system, enabling you to take it out.
  7. Mark the holes for installing your new speaker system by holding it along the door opening.Keep it aside, and make the holes using the drill.
  8. Install your new GMC speaker system by putting it back in the door opening and attaching screws.
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