How To Replace Front Wheel Bearings Scion Tc

Learn how to replace the front wheel bearings on a Toyota Scion TC. Prematurely worn out bearings will usually make a tell tale noise on your TC. Replacing worn out wheel bearings can be done in a single afternoon with basic tools. Delaying the replacement of the TC bearings can create an extremely unsafe driving situation.

Here are the tools and supplies which you will need:

  • Jack stand, or access to pneumatic lift
  • Axle puller
  • Impact wrench (pneumatic air wrench)
  • Front wheel bearing kit (either OEM or aftermarket components will work)


  1. Lift the Toyota Scion TC, to access the working area. Raise the vehicle, so that you can safely access the wheel area of the Scion TC. If you do not have access to a pneumatic lift, you can use the jack provided in your Toyota Scion spare tire kit.
  2. Remove the wheel and brake components on your Toyota TC. Remove the aluminum wheels from the front of your Scion. A pneumatic wrench will speed up the amount of time it takes to remove the bolts. If your vehicle has a security lock nut, a special key will be needed. The key can be found in your spare tire kit, in the trunk of the Scion. Remove the brake caliper and disc, in order to access the wheel bearing.
  3. Take the bearing off the wheel hub.  After the brake components have been removed, take off the hub using an axle puller. Once the hub has been removed you can replace the wheel bearing assembly. Take out the old wheel bearing, and replace it with your new Scion bearing.

Replacing the front bearings on your Toyota Scion TC will help keep your vehicle running in a safe manner.

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