How To Replace Fuel Pump On ’93 Mazda MX-3

Learn how to replace fuel pump on '93 Mazda MX-3. The Mazda MX-3 Miata is a sports convertible two seater that is small and nimble. If your fuel pump stops working and discontinues delivering apt fuel pressure to your engine, you need to replace the entire fuel pump. Replacing a fuel pump can be a tough task, but you can accomplish it following these steps.

To replace a fuel pump on a '93 Mazda MX-3, you will need:

  • Vehicle ramps
  • Fuel line disconnect tool
  • Wrenches
  • Approved gasoline collection container
  • New MX-3 fuel pump
  1. Drive the car until the fuel level is almost empty. Allow the engine to cool.
  2. Back the vehicle up onto car ramps so that you can gain access to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Apply the emergency break and put the car in gear.
  3. Locate the fuel tank under the vehicle, on the driver's side. Remove the six plastic snaps giving you access to the fuel line.
  4. Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel tank rails using a special fuel line disconnect tool. Get this tool at any auto part retail location. Use it by slipping the tool over the fuel line connections and then pulling the line off with your hands.
  5. Remove the bolts securing the fuel tank. Remove the old fuel tank from your Mazda MX-5 and discard it. Note that if you have any fuel left in the system, it will pour out of the open lines. Place an approved gasoline collection container beneath the open fuel lines and allow it to drain.
  6. Install the new fuel pump and bolt it into place. Connect the fuel line to the fuel pump.
  7. Add gasoline to the fuel tank and start the engine. Drive the MX-3 off the ramps.


Gasoline is flammable. Do not smoke or light fires around the vehicle while you are working on the fuel pump.

Ventilate the area well while working on the fuel pump. Gasoline fumes can be hazardous to your health.

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