How To Replace Golf Cart Motors

When you need to find out how to replace golf cart motors, you will have to know something about small engines before you try to do it yourself. If you have a friend who is good with engines, have them give you a hand to replace golf cart motors. You can always take the golf cart to a professional if you cannot replace the engine on your own. Choose a replacement motor, then start your job early in the day so you still have time to get in a few holes of golf once you finish.

Things You May Need:

  • New motor
  • Various tools
  • Replacement fluids
  1. Remove the old motor from the golf cart. Make sure you pay attention to how it is attached when you replace golf cart motors. Have a friend, or a couple of friends, help you lift the old motor out of the cart. Make sure that you find out how to properly dispose of the motor once it is removed.
  2. Place the new motor inside of the golf cart. Attach it the same way that the old motor was secured. Replace any hoses if necessary, and give the inside of the cart a thorough cleaning. Also, make sure the battery is properly installed when you replace golf cart motors.
  3. Add the required fluids when you replace golf cart motors. Consult your owner’s manual to find out what fluids need to be added to the motor, if you do not already know. Make sure to wipe away the excess fluid from any spillage that occurs.
  4. See if the golf cart will operate properly. If you were able to replace golf cart motors successfully, the motor should turn over. Take the cart for a spin to see how the motor performs. If it runs smoothly, your job is finished. Dispose of the old motor and remember to save the information on your new motor for future use.
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