How To Replace A Golf Driver Head

Instead of spending big bucks on a new driver, learn how to replace a golf driver head on your own. Many golfers do not even attempt to replace their damaged golf driver heads. They either trash them or leave the repairs to the professionals. With the right tools and a little ingenuity, you can save a lot of money and learn a trade than can help you be able to experiment with various golf driver heads and shaft combinations. The process is relatively simple. A few things you will need are:

  • replacement head
  • golf ferrule
  • torch
  • utility knife
  • golf epoxy
  • replacement ferrule
  • vice
  • golf shaft extractor tool
  • ferrule installer
  • grip solvent
  • hammer
  1.  Remove the old golf driver head. The first thing you will want to do is remove the ferrule from the existing golf driver head. Use a utility knife to cut the old ferrule from the top of the driver head. Next, you will place the shaft of the driver in a vice and attach the shaft extractor, making sure that the hosel collar is correctly positioned between the golf driver head and the threaded shaft. Apply heat to the shaft rotating to ensure even distribution of the heat. Turn the screw on the extractor, until the golf head begins to release from the existing shaft. After the existing club head has released, clean the end of the shaft with solvent to prepare it for the new golf driver head.
  2. Prepare the driver shaft for installation of the head. Place the replacement ferrule on the new shaft with the narrow part facing upward and use the ferrule installer and a hammer to tap it into place. Stop just short of the hosel depth of the new driver head. Place the club head on the shaft and butt the end of the shaft on solid surface to force the driver head and ferrule to the same depth as the hosel. Remove the shaft from the driver club head.
  3. Glue the new head to the shaft. Apply a liberal amount of epoxy to the tip of the shaft that will be fitted into the hosel of the new driver head. Make sure that you apply enough epoxy so that it will squeeze onto the end of the new ferrule. Place the shaft into the new driver head and rotate to ensure that the epoxy completely coats the inside of the hosel. Store the product in its normal playing position on a solid floor for the specified epoxy drying time.
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