How To Replace Guitar Nut

Do you want to learn how to replace a guitar nut? Replacing a guitar net is one of the most basic processes a guitar player should know for proper maintenance of his guitar. While the guitar nut should not need to be replaced often, the slots in the nut can wear out and cause the strings of your guitar to buzz. Learning how to replace your guitar nut can help keep your guitar in working order and save you money on repairs. Things you will need to replace your guitar not are:

  • new guitar nut
  • small screwdriver
  • glue
  1. Place your guitar on a flat, sturdy surface. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry the old nut away from your guitar. The nut is located on the neck of the guitar, up near the headstock. It is the slotted plastic piece that holds your strings in place. Remove the strings of your guitar to access the nut.
  2. Remove the old nut and set it aside. If it is old, there's a chance it will crack or break as you remove it. If it does, small pieces of the nut may stick to the surface of the nut area. If this is the case, use the screwdriver to scrape any remaining bits of the nut away so you can seat the new nut evenly.
  3. Apply two or three small drops of glue to the nut seating and spread it thin over the entire area. Apply three small drops to the nut itself, one on each end and one in the middle. Seat the nut evenly in the same place where you removed it.
  4. Check the edges of the nut to ensure there is no excess glue. Wipe away any glue seeping from beneath the nut. Press the nut down firmly to ensure it is properly seated and let it dry for several hours before re-stringing your guitar.
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