How To Replace An IAC Valve On 2000 Ford Focus

How To Replace An IAC Valve On 2000 Ford Focus. Replacing the IAC Valve on a 2000 Ford Focus is sometimes needed. The idle air control valve (IAC) is controlled by the ECU in your Ford Focus. It controls the amount of air which is let in to enable the car to idle correctly. If your Focus is idling too high the IAC is stuck open, too low and it is stuck closed. Air particles can clog and jam the valve, so a replacement or removal to clean is needed. It is a very simple job that only requires one tool.


  • ¼ inch drive socket set and ratchet
  • Procedure
  1. When dealing with any car maintenance or repairs, it is wise to remove the negative battery lead, unless you need the engine to be running to decipher the problem. As you are removing the IAC valve on your 2000 Ford Focus, you can remove the lead.
  2. Unhook the electrical connector on the IAC. The valve is located at the back of the engine bay firewall near to the lower part of the windshield. The connector needs to have the sides pinched in and then it will slide off.
  3. The IAC valve is attached to he throttle body with two 8mm bolts. Remove these using the socket set and be careful not to lose the gasket which is in between the IAC and the throttle body.
  4. Clean up the face of the throttle body and fit the new IAC valve and gasket to it. Do not over-tighten the bolts to the throttle body as 8mm threads are very fine and can easily strip.
  5. Fit the electrical connector onto the new valve and push it on until you hear a click.
  6. Refit the negative battery lead, make sure you have secured the lead correctly and you have not disturbed any other wiring while working under the hood.
  7. Turn the ignition key to the number two position then remove the IAC valve electrical connector and turn the ignition off.
  8. Start the engine and adjust the air rate for the idle control valve by turning the spring loaded screw on the throttle body. Try to get the idle revs to be steady at 650rpm (with +/- 50rpm). Hook the electrical connector back up and check the idle again.
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