How To Replace Ignition Cylinder Mazda Mx6

Learning how to replace the ignition cylinder in your Mazda MX6 saves time and a lot of frustration. The role of the ignition cylinder is to unlock the ignition to let the electrical current get to the starter of the Mazda MX6. With enough wear the cylinders can lock up and refuse to work. The tumblers will stop moving and the cylinder freezes. In these cases, the cylinder has to be replaced. This is typically an easy repair that most anyone can perform.

Things You Will Need to Replace the Ignition Cylinder Mazda MX6:

  • A one-eighth inch pin
  • The ignition key
  • A new ignition key cylinder
  1. Place the key in the ignition cylinder of the Mazda Mx6 and turn it to the position marked with “II”.
  2. Press the one-eighth inch pin into the slot that is on the bottom of the Mazda Mx6 ignition cylinder.
  3. Press on the one-eighth inch pin with an upward force to make the pin go into the pin slot and move the Mazda Mx6 cylinder retainer lock up.
  4. Tug on the old Mazda Mx6 ignition cylinder to remove it out of the steering column with the key intact. Remove the key and insert it into the new ignition cylinder.
  5. Put the new Mazda Mx6 ignition cylinder in place with the key direction pointed to the “II” position. Push in place until you hear the cylinder click in the correct position.
  6. Return the Mazda Mx6 ignition cylinder key to the “I” position and remove the key.



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