How To Replace An Ignition Switch 2003 Ford Focus

Need to know how to replace an ignition switch 2003 Ford Focus? Your ignition needs to be replaced on your 2003 Ford Focus and you want to know how to do it. A car's ignition switch is used to activate the ignition key switch; it is not the switch itself. The 2003 Ford Focus ignition switch secures the steering column by using an ignition lock and a switch mechanism. Because of the way that the cylinder lock was made the ignition switch on many Ford Focus cars has been know to default. Replacing the ignition switch on a 2003 Ford Focus can be done by following a few steps.

To replace an ignition switch in a 2003 Ford Focus you need:

  • new ignition switch
  • screw driver
  • adjustable wrench
  1. Disconnect the battery. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery terminal.
  2. Remove the shrouds. The shrouds are located around the steering column panel on your 2003 Ford Focus. Using a screwdriver will help you remove the shroud off of its clips by inserting it into the holes inside the upper shroud. You should now be able to release the steering column's height lever and this will enable you to unscrew the lower shroud's three screws.
  3. Disconnect the panel multi-plug. On the lower dash panel unscrew the four mounting clips. Once the screws are removed from the dash detach its retaining clip. To disconnect the multi-plug press it out of the panel.
  4. Pull out the lock cylinder.  Insert the ignition key into the cylinder and turn it to the "Accessory" position. In the lock housing side, drill through the hole with a screwdriver to press on the locking plunger inside the hole. This will allow you to pull out and remove the lock cylinder from your 2003 Ford Focus.
  5. Disconnect the ignition switch multi-plug. This switch is located on the other side of the steering column. To remove the switch. release the top and bottom retaining tabs on the switch with a screwdriver.
  6. Install the new ignition switch. Place the new ignition switch properly into the steering column. Connect the multi-plug to the switch once its retaining tabs engage. With the ignition key still in place put the lock cylinder back into place in the steering column. Listen for the locking plunger to engage when you are installing it back into the "Accessory" position.
  7. Reconnect the panel. Connect the trim panels back into place and then use the screws and clips to connect the lower and upper steering shrouds. Reconnect the negative battery cable back to its battery terminal on your 2003 Ford Focus.  
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