How To Replace Jetta Headlight

You just discovered that your Jetta headlight went out, and you need to know how to replace a Jetta headlight. Driving around with only one headlight can not only be dangerous, but it can also cost you a lot of money if you get pulled over by the police and get a ticket. Having only one headlight working at night can cause for a loss of  visibility on the road. It can also be a huge distraction to other cars. Replacing a Jetta headlight can be done easily and in a short amount of time.

To replace a Jetta headlight you need:

  • headlight bulb
  • screwdriver
  1. Pop the hood of your Jetta open and prop it up safely.  Locate the bulb holder with the lens.
  2. Remove the lens back cover plate. Push in the two metal clips that holds the cover plate into place. If needed, use a screwdriver to help push in the metal plates and pry the plate open. Carefully pull the cover plate off by wiggling it from side to side as you pull if off. Once the cover is removed set it aside.
  3. Remove the retaining ring. Search for the retaining ring, which is used to help hold  the bulb in place. Once located, unscrew the retaining ring counterclockwise and while pulling it slightly to remove it.
  4. Remove the old headlight bulb. Unscrewing the retaining ring loosens the bulb from its housing. Now you can gently turn, unscrew and pull out the headlight bulb.
  5. Insert the new Jetta headlight bulb. Once the bulb is tight and secure, replace the retaining ring.
  6. Replace the cover plate over the bulb. Snap the two metal plates properly and securely into place and close the hood.
  7. Test the new bulb to make sure it is working by turning on the headlights and making sure it lights up.

















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