How To Replace Lincoln Town Car Fuel Pump

Knowing how to replace the Lincoln Town Car’s fuel pump is not a task an everyday man should take upon himself. This should only be undertaken when all other means to have it repaired or fixed have been exhausted. The Lincoln brand is one of the most enduring and established names in American society’s automobile industry. There will, however, come a time, although not necessarily applicable to all Lincoln Town Car owners, that problems may arise involving the vehicle’s fuel pump.

To replace the Lincoln Town Car fuel pump, you will need the following:

  • Lincoln Town Car vehicle
  • Mechanic’s tools
  • Car jack
  • A keen attention to detail
  1. Proper initial diagnosis. You could end up damaging more parts during the repair process than before you began tinkering with your car. Make sure, before venturing off to replace the fuel pump, that you’re sure the problem encountered really does involve the fuel pump. Otherwise, it would be best to bring the car to a certified repair mechanic to make a proper and accurate assessment on the problem.
  2. Safety first. If you choose to go the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) route, use the following steps. Inside the baggage compartment of the car, look for the suspension switch on the left portion and make sure it’s in the “off” position. This ensures that when you jack up to elevate the Lincoln, you won’t do unnecessary damages on your air bag safety features.
  3. Drain any fuel. Using the car jack, raise the Lincoln from the rear end, uncork the cap (which is easily visible) and empty the tank of any remaining or residual fuel left in it. Provided your mechanic’s toolset has a ratchet, begin removing the bolts used to secure the bands holding the fuel tank. This will slowly lower the tank as the bands are being loosened. Make sure you will provide the necessary safety support to the tank while it is being lowered, such as an additional jack or blocks of wood.
  4. Remove the fuel lines. Remove the hose clamp that attaches the fuel inlet line to the fuel tank. Gently place the now mobile tank on the ground and carefully disengage all lines that are connected to the cap. The need for guarded brute force aided by hammering and screwdriver tools may be required to effectively remove the cap. In doing so, make sure you remove it in an upward and straightaway single motion. As you remove the cap, the fuel pump is immediately made visible.
  5. Removing the pump. Pay attention to the detailed assembly of the cap and the pump, which is attached to a sending unit assembly that is immersed in the tank. The cap can be easily removed from the rest of the assembly. Note the location of the O-ring as these need to be replaced when you begin re-assembly.
  6. Proper clean-up. Clean the tank up with water or the excess fuel drained earlier. This is to unload any remaining deposits inside the tank. If water is used, ensure that no moisture or any hint of liquid is left before re-assembling. Replace the O-ring where it is supposed to be and put the cap on the leveled part of the new fuel pump. Afterwards, you can place the entire assembly back into the fuel tank.
  7. Safety in finishing. Guarantee that the cap is tightly attached to the fuel tank and all the necessary lines are anchored properly to the fuel pump. Locate the two electrical lines and two hose assemblies that were detached during the disassembly. These are equipped with the quick snap-on features and should be easy to reattach.
  8. Finis. Slowly lift the tank back into its proper position and replace the bands that secure it. Re-screw the bolts onto the bands while the tank is in an upright position and reattach the fuel inlet hose from the gas cap. Tighten. At this point you can tighten the bands holding the tank in place. You’re finished replacing your Lincoln Town Car’s fuel pump!
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