How To Replace Muffler

It's time for a new muffler and you want to know how to replace a muffler. Learning how to replace a muffler yourself can save you hundreds of dollars.  A bad muffler makes a loud annoying noise and can possibly leak at times. After regular wear and tear on a muffler can eventually rust out from all the salt, dirt, debris, and water it collects. Changing a muffler may not be as difficult as some may think, and if you are looking to save money you can do it yourself. With the right tools and a little knowledge of cars you can replace a muffler by following a few steps.

To replace a muffler you need:

  • new  muffler
  • jack and jack stands
  • new gaskets
  • socket and ratchet set
  • lubricant spray bottle
  1. Lift up your car. Use a jack to lift up your car and secure it with several with jack stands. This will allow your car to be properly supported and make it easier for you to work on your car.  
  2. Lubricate the bolts and nuts surrounding the muffler. Use a lubricant spray bottle to have easy access to lubricating the bolts on the muffler. Let the bolts soak for a few hours and this will make it a lot easier to remove them from the vehicle.
  3. Remove the muffler. Once you've allowed some time for the bolts to soak, use a ratchet and sockets to unbolt the mufflers bolts. Remove the muffler hangers from the frame of the care. Carefully remove the muffler by lowering it from your car.
  4. Clean off any grease and grime. Wipe down the surrounding area of the exhaust to remove any access dirt or debris from your car.
  5. Install the new muffler. In the same place you removed the old muffler, carefully put the new muffler in its place. Insert the new gasket and replace the bolts on the muffler and put the muffler hangers back on the muffler.
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