How To Replace Oil Pan Gasket

Here are instructions for how to replace an oil pan gasket. A leaky oil gasket can be a nightmare and learning how to replace one can be a definite money saver. Leaky oil gaskets can cause a mess wherever you park your vehicle. Learning the proper technique to replace a oil gasket will eliminate that mess. Replacing a leaky oil pan gasket will also save you money if you do it yourself. Additionally, replacement of a leaky oil pan cover gasket is environmentally friendly. Read below and learn how you can replace a leaky oil pan cover. The steps needed are not as difficult as you might think. Don’t get me wrong, replacing a oil pan gasket is hard work but well worth the investment.

How to replace a leaky oil pan gasket, you will need:


  • Socket wrench one half inch and three eight inch
  • Oil reservoir
  • Towel
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Ramps


  • Gasket
  • Oil (quarts required for your vehicle)
  • Maintenance manual
  • Oil filter

How to replace a leaky oil pan gasket:

  1. Contact your manufacturer or check online for a maintenance manual. Review the manual for the amount of oil (and type), oil filter and part number of your oil pan gasket. Head to the automotive store and purchase your supplies.
  2. Park your vehicle on the ramps. Set your parking brake and chalk off the rear tires. Use the three eighth inch wrench and remove the stopper from the oil pan. Allow to drain in the oil reservoir. Once oil is drained, replace plug and remove oil filter. Allow additional oil to drain.
  3. Remove oil reservoir for proper disposal later. Discard oil filter in a plastic bag and set aside for proper disposal. Use the one half inch wrench to remove the center bolt at the front of the oil pan. Use the three eighth inch wrench to remove the remaining bolts.
  4. Set the bolts aside. Remove the oil pan by hand. Use your fingers to remove the oil pan filter (do not worry if it is in pieces. Place in plastic bag wit the oil filter for proper disposal. Use some of the oil from the oil pan (residue) to prime the gasket. Place onto the oil pan and return to the vehicle. Secure in place.
  5. Place the new oil filter in place with the oil filter wrench. Double-check the bolts to ensure they are snug. Run your finger along the oil pan to verify the fit. Lower the vehicle off the ramps. Lift the hood and fill the oil reservoir with the new oil. Start your vehicle, check the oil level and look underneath the vehicle to check for leaks.
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