How To Replace Oil Pump

It is time for your oil pump to be changed and you need to know how to replace an oil pump? Oil gets clogged up overtime in your engine and needs to be replaced. The oil pump keeps the oil flowing regularly by circulating it around in the engine. The oil lubricates the engine to keep it at the right temperature. With good maintenance of the oil pump it will improve the life of your car. With the right tools and some knowledge of cars you can change the oil pump yourself on and save lots of money and time.

To change an oil pump, you will need:

  • replacement oil pump
  • wrench
  • oil
  • drip pan
  • jack and jack stands
  1. Lift up the front of your car. Use a jack to lift up the front of your car and support the weight of the car with jack stands. You just need to have access to the front of your car to replace the oil pump.
  2. Drain out all of the old oil. Place a drip pan under the drain plug. Remove the oil drain plug, which is located underneath the engine. Allow the oil to drain completely out into the drip pan underneath your vehicle.
  3. Remove the oil pan. Locate the large, flat shape oil pan at the bottom of the engine. Remove the bolts holding the oil pan in place with a wrench. Once the bolts are removed the oil pan will come right out.
  4. Remove the oil pump. Once the oil pan is removed you will have access to the oil pump. The oil pump is located towards the back of the car motor near the oil pan area. Remove the one or two bolts holding the oil pump in its place and take out the oil pump.
  5. Install the new oil pump. Align the new oil pump in place properly and then carefully install it in place of the old one. Insert the bolts and tighten then securely back into place.
  6. Replace the oil pan. Place the oil pan back into position at the bottom of the car engine. Replace and securely tighten all of the bolts.
  7. Add new oil. Fill your oil pan up with new oil in the car's engine. Make sure to use the correct type of oil for you vehicle. Remove the car jack and jack stands from your car. Run the engine for a few minutes to make sure that there are now leaks


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