How To Replace The PCV Valve In A 1988 Mustang

Wondering how to replace the PCV valve on a 1988 Mustang? Replacing the PCV valve on a 1988 Mustang is a fairly simple task which should only take a few minutes. It can be done usually right at the store you buy it from. This is not always a bad idea in fact, that way you can replace the rubber hose if it is bad at the same time.

Items needed to replace a PCV valve in a 1988 Mustang:

  • 1988 Mustang
  • PCV valve
  • Proper sized rubber hose (if damaged)
  1.  Open the hood.  Open the hood and use the bar to properly hold it open. Never work under the hood of a car unless the hood is properly held open or it can fall and cut you or latch and trap a body part.
  2. Locate PCV valve. Look for a rubber tube which runs from a rocker cover to a location near the base of the carburetor. The PCV valve will either be positioned in the middle of this hose, or as is most likely inserted into a grommet in the rocker arm cover with the hose attached to it.
  3. Remove PCV valve.  Remove the PCV valve from the hose and rocker arm cover. It should just pull free from both. Take a second here to look closely at how it is in place. You will want to put the new PCV valve in exactly the same way this one is situated.  
  4. Inspect hose. Inspect the hose, If it is damaged, split, or feels exceedingly weak, replace it also.
  5. Install new PCV valve.  Insert the end(s) of the hose over the end of the PCV valve. Insert PCV valve into the grommet in the rocker arm cover if it goes there.

There, you have now successfully replaced the PCV valve in your 1988 Ford Mustang. It is not a hard task, but something which needs to be performed routinely for your vehicle to operate properly.

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