How To Replace Points On A Ford Tractor

 Learn how to replace points on a Ford tractor and save money by doing it yourself. It can be a chore to load a tractor on a trailer to haul it to a mechanic, so most tractor owners learn to work on the majority of the maintenance items themselves. That way you can fix it yourself or at least know what a mechanic needs to do if you can't.

To replace points on a Ford tractor, you need:

  • points kit
  • basic hand tools
  • feeler gauge

Step-by-step instructions to replace points:

  1. Remove the distributor. Disconnect the primary wire from the ignition coil and remove spark plug wires from the distributor cap. Remove the coil and the cap, then remove the distributor unit.
  2. Loosen the condenser lead and remove the condenser.  Remove the hold down screws to remove the breaker contacts.
  3. Replace points. Screw hold down screws in place lightly. The contact points should be parallel when closed.
  4. Rotate distributor cam until the block is positioned at a high point. Adjust the gap between them after you replace points using the eccentric screw using the feeler gauge, to the distance indicated in the points kit.
  5. Tighten the points' hold down screws and recheck the gap distance with the feeler gauge.
  6. Apply a light coating of the lubricant included in the points kit to the point cam. This aids in prolonging point life.
  7. Follow your tractor shop manual for setting the distributor basic timing. Different years have a specific setting which varies.
  8. Install the distributor, assemble coil and cap and reconnect the wiring.

Breaker points with improper gaps cause excessive heat on the points, which will burn and rapidly wear them out. Be sure to adjust the gap carefully after you replace points.



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