How To Replace Power Steering Pump In A Grand Caravan

Learning how to replace the power steering pump in a Grand Caravan is a simple process. The function of the steering pump is to help you take a right or a left turn easily. The power steering pump gets its drive from the engine of your Grand Caravan. If you are experiencing hard steering in the Grand Caravan, then you can be sure that either there are leaks or the components have worn out. In such cases, you may have to change the power steering pump. Following are the steps to replace the power steering pump. 

Things you will need to replace a power steering pump in a Grand Caravan:

  • Jack
  • 2 Jack stands
  • Socket set and Ratchet and
  • New pressure hose O-ring
  • Wrench set
  1. Park your Grand Caravan at place safe from traffic and remove the black cable connected to the negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Remove the wiper unit of the Grand Caravan's windshield.
  3. Elevate the front portion of the Grand Caravan by a jack and support it with two jack stands safely.
  4. Take out the drive belt of the splash shield from underside of the Grand Caravan.
  5. Find the correct location of the pump bracket and loosen the screws connected to the bracket. Take the bracket out and remove the pressure pipe
  6. Keep the catch pan on the ground, just below fluid reservoir of the pump, and siphon out the fluid from it. Once done, take out the pipes and the pressure from the pump.
  7. Take off the mounting bolt from both front and rear side of the pump using a pulley. Be sure that you grab and keep the spacer situated between the mounting bracket and the power steering pump as you take the bolts out.
  8. Take the pulley assembly and power steering pump from above the aluminum bracket and then remove it from the engine.
  9. Attach the new power steering pump on the mounting bracket and use torque of 40 foot-pounds to the mounting bolts on the front side.
  10. Attach and use torque of 40 foot-pounds to spacer and the mounting bolt to the rear side.
  11. Attach the supply and the pressure pipes back on the power steering pump. Replace the O-ring located over the pressure pipe and use torque of 23 foot-pounds on the hose fastener.
  12. Use torque of 40 foot-pounds to the through bolt working from below the vehicle and attach the splash shield and drive belt back to the car.
  13. Bring the car down from the jack and attach the wiper unit module. Now, connect negative terminal battery cable.
  14. Fill up the fluid reservoir with power steering fluid. Go through the Grand Caravan service manual for the correct procedure if needed.
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