How To Replace A Schwinn Gear Cable

Need to know how to replace a Schwinn gear cable? If you do your own maintenance on a bike, at some point you will have to replace a gear cable. As with most bicycle repairs, this can be done at home, but only if you really know what you are doing. One mistake in your gears or brake cables and you could be putting yourself in danger. If you don't think you can handle the repairs, take your Schwinn to a professional who can. If you can tackle replacing your Schwinn's gear cable yourself, it might seem a little easier than you expected.

  1. To replace a Schwinn gear cable, first get loose. Loosen the cable clamp bolt and push the cable out of its snug little hiding place. You want to keep a close eye on where the nipple comes out of the gear lever. Usually, you will need to have your gear at the highest level to do this, as you will be pushing the new cable in here also.
  2. Pierce the nipple. Now, use a pair of wire cutters and cut the nipple you won't need. Oil up the outer cable and generously grease the inner cable before you get ready to put them on. When they are nice and slick, start to feed them through the outer gear cable until they come out the other end across a bare cable gap, as soon as you get to the gear mechanism.
  3. Finish replacing your Schwinn's gear cable. Pull the gear cable taut and tighten the clamp bolt back down onto the gear cable. Take your cutters again and snip the gear cable about an inch from the clamp. Test it out a little bit before you open it up on the road, but your Schwinn should be riding smooth from here!
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