How To Replace Screen Cover On A Nokia 5310

Do you need to know how to replace screen cover on a Nokia 5310? The Nokia 5310 is known for featuring music in its phone. If it's difficult to navigate the phone, due to the screen, it will render the music useless. Knowing how to replace screen covers yourself will help save you money.  

The items you will need to replace screen cover:

  • Pry tool
  • New screen cover
  • T6 torx screwdriver
  1. Power off your Nokia 5310. Take the battery cover and battery out; along with the sim card. 
  2. Use a pry tool to remove the camera cover. Start by placing the pry tool near the headset port. Work your way around the camera cover to release two clips. 
  3. Use a T6 torx screwdriver to remove two screws underneath the camera cover. The screws are located at the top of your Nokia 5310. 
  4. You will have to remove five clips and two hooks that secure the front cover. Flip the Nokia 5310 so that you see the front of the screen that needs to be replaced. Use a case opener tool and start by lifting the top and working your way towards the bottom where the two hooks are located at. 
  5. Use the case opener tool to lift the keypad. Start from the bottom of the keypad and carefully lift it up. 
  6. Once the keypad has been removed you will have to remove four torx screws. Use your T6 torx screwdriver to remove the screws. 
  7. Flip the Nokia 5310 over and lift the back cover. There are two latches that hold the back cover so be careful. 
  8. There are two clips holding the circuit board to the top frame. Release the two clips using fingers. 
  9. Flip the Nokia 5310 back over and lift the metal frame off to the right side. Gently do this because there is a ribbon cable between the two. Release the ribbon cable by lifting up the tab. You can take off the screen cover to your Nokia 5310 and replace it with a new one.
  10. Install the new screen cover and connect the ribbon cable. Put the keypad and frame back on top of the mother board. Push down on the motherboard to snap the two clips.
  11. Put the back cover on, starting from the top towards the bottom. Screw back the four torx screws. Place the number pad on top of the metal frame. Place the front cover back on, starting from the bottom towards the top.
  12. Screw back the two torx screws at the top of the Nokia 5310 where the camera is located at. Snap the camera cover into place. Place your sim card, battery and the battery cover back into place. Turn on your Nokia 5310 and see the replaced screen working.  
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