How To Replace Screen On Nokia 5300

Need to know how to replace the screen on Nokia 5300? If the screen to your Nokia 5300 needs to be fixed you will need to order a new screen that fits your Nokia phone model. Follow the steps to carefully replace the screen properly.  

The items you will need:

  • Case opener tool
  • New Nokia 5300 LCD screen
  • T6 torx screwdriver
  • Cup
  1. Turn off your Nokia 5300. Remove the back cover where the battery is located at. Remove the battery and set it aside. 
  2. Use the case opener and apply it at the crease of your Nokia 5300. You will have to wedge the case opener and slide it around the Nokia 5300 to loosen it up. Use both hands to take apart the LCD screen front panel and the back unit of your Nokia phone. 
  3. Use the T6 screwdriver to remove four torx screws. The torx screws are located at the top and bottom of your Nokia 5300. Place the screws inside a cup. Lift the silver frame and put it aside. Detach the ribbon cable of the LCD screen that is attached to the circuit board. You can then throw away the old screen. 
  4. Align the new LCD screen onto your Nokia 5300. Attach the ribbon cables with your fingers. Screw back the silver frame using the T6 torx screwdriver.  
  5. Align LCD front panel and snap it into place. You will have to carefully do this as to not break the panel. Place the battery and back cover to your Nokia 5300. Turn on your phone; your new screen will work if you followed the steps. 



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