How To Replace A Seiko Wristwatch Crystal

How do you replace a Seiko wristwatch crystal? This is a process most people should have performed by a professional watch maker, because it takes specific tools and materials. But, for those interested individuals, this article will provide an overview. Then they can decide if they are going to go further and learn the process in more detail.

Materials needed to change the crystal in a Seiko wristwatch.

  • Watch with broken or missing crystal
  • Watch crystal
  • Crystal adhesive
  • Epoxy ultraviolent curing lamp
  • Calipers
  • Gasket
  • Watchmakers tools to open case and remove movement
  • Watchmakers crystal lift
  • Watchmakers crystal press
  • Watch makers epoxy remover/dissolver

The process to replace a Seiko wristwatch crystal will go something as follows:

  1. Open the watch case. Using the correct tools open the case of the watch. Some watches will use an adjustable case wrench, some a case knife, and some screwdrivers.
  2. Remove movement. Using needed tool remove the movement from the watch case. Take great care not to damage it. Sit it aside in a safe place.
  3. Remove old crystal.  If the crystal is in place use the proper method to remove it. Some watches may need a crystal lift. In other watches you may need to boil the case or use epoxy dissolver to remove the old crystal.
  4. Clean case.  Remove all traces of old epoxy and gaskets, if the gasket is damaged in removal. Old epoxy may be removed by using epoxy dissolver.
  5. Measure old crystal.  Using the calipers measure the old crystal. If the crystal was missing measure the opening for the crystal.
  6. Determine type and purchase new crystal. Determine what options your new crystal will have. There are different materials crystals are made of, plastic, mineral glass, and sapphire crystal. Each has their own pluses and minuses, and plastic was used mainly in older watches. You can get flat crystals, domed crystals, optically coated crystals and other options. Choose those you prefer and buy the new crystal.
  7. Fit new crystal to watch.  Using the appropriate method, install the crystal into the watch. Make sure before hand that you have all the items needed. If you are using epoxy, make sure you have a curing lamp if needed. Check and follow epoxy curing times when using it. Buy new gaskets before hand if the old one is damaged. Some crystals will need a crystal press to install. Make sure you have everything you need assembled before starting the process.
  8. Replace watch movement.  Carefully install the watch movement back into the case. Reinstall the stem using appropriate tools.
  9. Replace case back.  Use the appropriate tools to replace the case back on the watch. Make sure to replace the case back gasket if it was damaged during removal. The watch will no longer be water resistant if you do not replace the gasket.

That is the process to remove and replace the crystal on a Seiko wristwatch. There are obviously more specific details to the process. This is a very involved process which is often best performed by a qualified watch maker. The tools and materials needed are rather specific and can cost more than the cost of having the crystal replaced by an expert. For those who are still interested, good luck in your endeavor.

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