How To Replace Serpentine Belt On Honda Accord EX

Learning how to replace the serpentine belt on your Honda Accord EX is a very important job to periodically do. If a belt snaps then it could cause disastrous engine damage if the valves hit the pistons. Make sure when you buy the belt it is the correct one for your particular engine and that the size and shape match the old belt. This will save on any fitting problems and ensure your engine is in safe hands.


  • Wrenches or a socket wrench
  1. With the handbrake applied and the car parked in a safe place, open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. This will minimize the risk of receiving any electrical shocks while working under the hood.
  2. On the side of the engine is a plastic covering which hides the serpentine belt. Remove the plastics with a Phillips screwdriver. Once you can see the auto-tensioner, loosen the center bolt with a socket wrench and slide it so the belt becomes loose.
  3. If there is no diagram on the slam-panel (where the hood strikes on closure), draw a picture of the routing of the serpentine belt. Slide the belt off the pulleys and check the condition of them. If there is any surface rust or dirt, clean up the pulleys to ensure the new belt has an even surface to sit on.
  4. Fit the new serpentine belt starting at the crankshaft pulley and finish at the auto-tensioner. Once the routing is correct, tighten the auto-tensioner bolt and slide it until there is 1-2mm of deflection.
  5. Refit the plastics and the negative battery cable to complete the job.
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