How To Replace Serpentine Belt

Many car owners want to know how to change serpentine belt. Having the knowledge and ability to change your own serpentine belt can save you money and the hassle of taking your car to a repair garage to have it changed. Most serpentine belts can be removed and replaced in just a few simple steps.

To change a serpentine belt, you will need:

  • Tools (the exact tools will depend on your make and model)
  • Pen and paper
  • New belt
  • New Accessory belts (if your vehicle has them)


  1. Draw the path of the belt. First, you want to draw a map of where the belt attaches around each pulley. This step will help you in putting the new belt back on. If you miss a pulley when replacing the belt, some accessories may not work and there will be slack in the belt even with the tensioner.
  2. Locate the tensioner. To remove the serpentine belt from your vehicle you will need to locate the tensioner. The tensioner applies the tension to the serpentine belt so that it does not slip off of the pulleys.
  3. Remove other belts. If your vehicle has accessory belts, you may need to remove them before you can remove the serpentine belt. Examine these belts to see if they need to be replaced as well. You want to check for dry rotting and cracks or unusual wear.
  4. Loosen the tensioner. You will loosen the tensioner and move it aside so the belt become loose and is easily removed.
  5. Install the new serpentine belt. Using the drawing or diagram from the first step, install the new belt.
  6. Tighten the tensioner. Move the tensioner back into place and tighten the bolt.
  7. Check your work. Start the vehicle and listen for squealing or abnormal sounds. Take you vehicle for a test drive to be sure the new serpentine belt is installed correctly.




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