How To Replace Speakers In A Chevrolet Truck

If want better quality speakers, you'll need to know how to replace speakers in your Chevrolet truck. Chevrolet trucks are made so that speakers can easily be replaced without a lot of hassle. Replacing speakers can provide that good quality sound that you have been wanting. You can save money and time by replacing the speakers yourself in your Chevrolet truck. It takes a short amount of time and little effort to replace the speakers in your Chevrolet truck.

To replace the speakers in your Chevrolet truck, you need:

  • new speakers
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • flat-head screwdriver
  • panel tool
  • drill
  1. Pry around the door panel. Using a panel tool or a screwdriver, pry off the door release trim. Carefully release the clips around the outer edge of the panel holding it in place in your Chevrolet truck.
  2. Pry around the armrest cup.  Pry up and around the plastic panel towards the bottom of the armrest cup. Remove the screws from the armrest cup with a Phillip screwdriver and set them aside.
  3. Remove the power switch plate. Pry around the power window switch plate on the door panel. To remove the power window switch plate, begin to pry at the back and then move along the edges with the panel tool. Before you remove the switch plate, disconnect the wiring plugs attached to it and then remove it from the Chevrolet truck.
  4. Remove the door panel. Release any additional clips holding the panel in place. Remove the panel by carefully sliding the panel up and off of the door.
  5. Remove the door speaker. On the speakers from the door, release the clips located on the bracket that holds the speaker in place. Once the clips are released, disconnect the wires on the back of the speaker and carefully remove the speakers by pulling them out from the door from your Chevrolet truck.
  6. Install the new speaker. Mark the location of the speaker tabs from the new speaker when you place it in the opening of the door. Remove the speaker and drill holes in the door at those marked spots for the new speaker to be placed. Connect all of the speaker wires to the new speaker. Install the new speaker in the opening in the door and screw it into place.
  7. Replace the door panel. Put everything back in its place in the reverse steps from above. Make sure the door panel is securely put pack in its place in your Chevrolet truck.



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